Rollover Image Effect As Page Link (web object mouse over/out)

Wanted to thank everyone for all your hard work and help. Greatly appreciated as I’m used to coding/developing in Dreamweaver, etc. Using RW to build a site for a friend so she may update it on the fly during her travels. It’s a bit of a learning curve using a WYSIWYG program yet its versatility in being a simple or professional level program is fantastic, I simply have a few minor questions.

I’m creating mouseover/rollover effects with static images that brings up another image (overlay but not covering it completely) indicating the image selected is “actionable” to load another page. That is, create a rollover effect in which an image web object changes on mouse over to another web object and reverts back to the original image on mouse out, preloading on page when loading to ensure they are displayed quickly. The rollover effect should have a link to another page.

Hype 3.5 Pro elements that can do this may be tricky as they’ll have to be dropped in place with no way to change the URL link inside RapidWeaver (that I know of). Hype’s self-contained animations will work perfectly, it’s the interactions between the self-contained HTML5 “actions” within the customized/blank template I’m using in RW.

Here’s a link to a site that is essentially what I’m interested in doing using RW:

Notice when hovering over the images it brings up an overlay image that when clicked on opens another page/link.

Thanks for any help!

You can use Big White Ducks new stack that is due out next week.

Check out the animated images at the bottom of the deep page.


@StarkerMann You can indeed do this with SectionsBox - here is a little example showing a copy of a couple of your example elements.

Feel free to email me at support [at] bigwhiteduck [dot] com when the stack is released and I will send you the project file with those examples in it as a bit of a quick start.


Thank you so much! I woke this morning and was pleasantly surprised by the numerous responses. I’ve yet had the chance in reading and responding to them but will do so now. It’s been a slight challenge using a WYSIWYG builder as I’m used to hands-on coding, etc., a bit ironic in some aspects. Thankfully the RapidWeaver forums are extremely helpful and thank you for taking the time in helping me.