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Hi all,

So I bought the Royale Theme in the Black Friday sale and am now trying to use it. The problem I seem to be having is that the menu isn’t showing the pages in the same way as the sample project or demo website.

To clarify, the little red hamburger at the top left will still slide in and out and show the page navigation but there’s no separate navigation menu at the top of the page as per the demo site. The “show in navigation” option is ticked for those pages I want shown.

My site address, should you want to take a look to see what I mean -

(You’ll see the hamburger, but not the top menu)

Any assistance gratefully appreciated.


You need the addition of the following:
Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 5.30.20 PM

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Yeah, take a look at this page - Royale Theme - Nick Cates Design

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That’s brilliant, thanks for that. I missed the tag that @joemart1951 mentioned.

Following on from that, is there a way to then right-align that menu? (It’s very close to the site title and for aesthetic reasons, I think it would look better on the right of the page).



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