Royale SplitStack I Royale Theme

Hi, I just bought the Royale Theme from Nick Cates … very, very nice :grinning:
But … I can’t find the Royale SplitStack, which should come with the Theme.

Settings are: RW 7, Stacks 3 (newest version)

I took a look in the Adons Manager in RW … Stacks Area … but nothing to see.


The stack will be a separate install from the theme. The stack should be with the theme after downloading it from Nick.

Do you mean you can’t find it in your download from Nick Cates? Or you can’t find it in your stacks library?

Neil is correct that it should be in the download package. If you just installed and can’t find it in your stacks list, I find that I sometimes have to restart RW after I install a stack in order to see it in my list.

Thanks, Neil. The download included only the theme and two sample projects.

I sent an Email to Nick … perhaps he can help :wink:

Neither nor … after purchased, I started the download and got the theme and two sample projects. Nothing else … no stack.

I restarted RW and the MacBook … but nothing changed.

The topic can be closed. Nick fixed the download, so that I could get the stack :grinning:

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