RSS Feed in Poster Stack

I am using the Poster stack in a Foundry project for a blog page and the RSS feed is not working. Since this is the first site I’ve ever built I’m learning as I go and obviously have something wrong. I’ve reached out to inStacks but thought someone on the forum might be able to point out the problem so that people can subscribe to the feed.

Thanks for your help. I’m learning a lot from all the experts on the forum.

This is what comes up when I try to add your blog to my RSS feed. Is this what you’re going for?:

Yes, that seems to be working fine.

I received a message via the contact form that said “I just wanted to inform you that I am trying to subscribe to your blog feed via the RSS link but it doesn’t seem to be working.” Maybe it’s something on their end that’s causing the problem.

Thanks, at least I know its working as intended.

Sorry, I want it to show the image and post within the reader (I’m using Feedly and I see the same for my site). I want it to be similar to the Realmac Blog. Is that possible?


This is the url to your feed

For the textual part, maintain the description input field on the each Poster item, for the image, the image link input field.

You already written me a support email, so continue there if you have problems with that.


You can’t just assume that when someone writes there is something wrong on your end. For example, Chrome used to support the handling of RSS feeds but it no longer does. Click on any RSS feed while using Chrome and see what you get…

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Thanks…I get the screenshot the person sent me when I click on my RSS feed using Chrome. Appreciate everyone’s help and I’m learning as I go.