RSS List stacks and cache

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I use the RSS List stacks on my site, which is linked to the feed.xml file (generated by the Armadillo blog). Everything works well, but after writing a new message, it takes a long time for RSS List stacks to update its content. Simply - the current feed.xml file will not catch up and show content from some cache …
I checked everything. I will write a new message in Armadillo blog - I will verify that the new message is really present in the feed.xml file - I will try any desktop application for RSS subscription - the new message is displayed correctly. Then I go to my site - I delete the browser cache and reload the page containing the RSS List stacks = no result. New message will not appear - still just old … RSS List stacks you just do not get a new feed.xml file.
Please - is there any possibility of completely disabling the cache of this RSS List stacks? Or how to force him to download the specified xml file every time he loads the page? It’s quite important, and in RSS feeds, such behavior somehow loses its sense … When it does not display current data.
Thank you for any advice and sorry for your bad English …

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