Are surveys possible in RW? Prefer a survey stack but would Mailchimp work?

I’d like to put up a simple survey on my site and can’t seem to find a stack that will do this. Anyone have any experience with this?

If a stack isn’t available, can I use a 3rd-party service like Mailchimp to incorporate a survey or poll in my website?



Depending how complex you want to get I think you could use something like the Form stacks within Foundation by @joeworkman ? Free text, check boxes etc and then submit via email ? I sure either Joe or @zeebe would be able to confirm.

Yes. This is possible. Foundation forms can also send data to a MySQL database.

Do you have more documentation or a tutorial as this is something I may be looking for?

Also do your forms stay on the page e.g. they display errors, success and such without leaving the current page?

I currently use SiteLok for user registration, it provides 50 custom fields in each users MySQL record. The goal is for users to engage with the page e.g. upload photos, enter notes but when they hit save, update or such, they would remain on the page and the fields would be updated with the new or edited content.


Foundation forms do not currently support uploading of images. You can see the FAQs here…

I like Yabdab’s Formsnap a lot. Great for surveys, applications, contact forms, etc. It can send receipt emails and store the data in MySQL.

I then use Kuler solutions’ SQL stacks to output all the data into a beautiful table that can also be exported as Excel file with PHP.

Thank You Bioguy… Appreciate the input. Have looked at SQL Stacks, do you know if it is being actively supported?

What I am wondering with any of these solutions for submitting information to MySQL database is will they exchange data with the server and update parts of my page without reloading it. This is usually done with AJAX, I believe.


P.S. Image uploading is not critical at this time.

Yes, I believe so, although I have never sought support for them. They’ve been consistently updated with each version of Stacks, and in a recent thread @Gary wrote that he ‘has some plans’ for them.

As for the other questions I would suggest just downloading the demo form of Formloom and giving it a go yourself. Its essentially the same thing as FormSnap, but in plug-in form.