RW 6.2.4 very slow

I am using a MacBook Pro 2,9 GHz Intel Core i7 and RapidWeaver is so slow as no other software on ma Mac (even Photoshop with hundreds of megabyte files sizes is faster). I even cannot edit a RW file while another one uploads files to a server and so on. It doesn´t matter what theme or so (I use foundation a lot), even with small file sizes, a handfull of graphics or so. I always see the spinning ball, very boring. I thought it will be much faster than RW 5 but it is not at all. Please make RW much faster, this is a absolutely must for fluently work. Thanks!

Runs fine on my 7-year-old iMac, so i suspect you have other problems. Have you repaired permissions?

I guess I don´t have other problems, because other software which needs much more resources (picture and video editing) has no problems, and my Mac is very fast. I have diagnostic tools (Clean my Mac etc.), permissions are fine and so on. Perhaps it is the foundation theme, this error source I will discuss wit Joe Workman…

Sometimes opening a project lasts 20sec, saving app. 10sec!

Don’t see how it can be Foundation. I use it all the time. Might be a particular plug-in or stack. Could even be Clean My Mac – I’ve heard of lots of people having problems with that.

I too am having problems with Rapidweaver running incredibly slow on my MacBook using 10.10.4. I’ve tried updating everything to the latest versions. I’m trying 6.3.1. No help. Updated stacks to Stacks 3 beta. No help. All my other apps are running great. My problems started a couple weeks ago when publishing changes to my pages. The last few files would fail and then I would get the dreaded “Unable to publish” message.
Not sure what to do. Updating stacks can take an hour or more. Anyone have any ideas?

Speed is OK until project gets a bit larger then, whilst useable, it definitely loses any snappiness it might have had. Site I’m on today is 56 pages and moving a page, adding a stack, cutting and pasting text are all very sluggish.

Otherwise my Mac is fast and displaying no other issues - using: MBP 15" retina, Mid 2012, 2.7Gz i7 with 16GB Ram and 750Gb SSD.

Would be nice to see this addressed

what’s the spec on your Mac?

Agree - Clean My Mac should be avoided

Might be worth bringing this to @isaiah ’s attention if you’re using solely Stacks pages.

Mostly stacks but a few plug ins - Formloom, Blog, Lock Down

I am running 6.3.7 (without mac cleaner) - all other apps run fast on a 3.5 Ghz Core i7 iMac with 32 GB Ram

ITS PAINFULLY SLOW! I have made sandbox pages just to edit stacks and then I copy and paste them back into my larger home page but it is taking me hours just to try and work on a few changes… I have a lot going on in my larger pages but the wait time is nearly unbearable!

Reference page: It is not a live site build yet so it is hidden in my current site.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.