RW 7.5.5 Crashes During Export

While exporting website, I keep getting this error message:

Unable to install constraint on view. Does the constraint reference something from outside the subtree of the view? That’s illegal. constraint:<NSAutoresizingMaskLayoutConstraint:0x60c00088cda0 h=–& v=&-- NSCustomView:0x608000353980.height == NSImageView:0x600000760900.maxY + 74 (active)> view:<YDPLBlackHazeView: 0x600000338560>

I’m not sure what this double-speak means. Are others experiencing this frustrating problem? This series of crashes doesn’t seem to want to end. Is there a solution?

It means PayLoom has crashed. You should make sure your PayLoom pages are in order and working well – and contact YabDab for support if you can’t determine problem.


That could be it. But, I reverted to 7.4 and the problem went away. Seems like 7.5 is buggy. But, I’ll contact YabDab, in the mean time. M

Perhaps the change in RW triggered the crash. It’s impossible to say with only that info what the root of the problem is for sure.
But that error message is specific to PayLoom (YDPL is the payloom prefix) – so probably only YabDab will be able to look into this and say for sure.


I contacted YabDab and they suggested I download and install a beta version of PL3, which I did. Although it worked when I published a couple individual pages, RW is crashing consistently with a variety of different error messages. I’ve submitted a support ticket, but perhaps you should see it. Mike

YabDab tried to deflect to RW. When I elinatef Payloom, the problem went away.

What plugin are others using for a PayPal interface?

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