Formloom 3 Crashes RW7


I just purchased formloom3 as an upgrade to formloom2 and RW immediately crashes when the pages are selected.

It’s exactly the same issue discussed here:

Does anyone know if there is a solution please?

Regards, Bub.

I think the original poster never got back to tell their resolution to the problem they had.
Might be best to give more info on what OS you are running what version of formloom (exact version from the add-ons manager, what version of RapidWeaver and what exactly happens. Have you tried a new project with just a formloom page?

This happens to people running old macOS ( El Capitan, 4 versions behind the current Mojave ).

Please download the current build (152) from our web site to allow El Capitan functionality.

FYI, Formloom 4 will require macOS 10.12 or higher.

I tried v152 and it makes no difference. RW crashes as soon as the page is selected. I’m using El Capitan and I think, if it doesn’t work with this OS, then you should make this clear before purchasing - I’ve wasted my money on this upgrade if I can’t get it to work.

Hi Simon,
On my side, FromLoom version 3.0.11 (151) is working without problems on RW 8.0.3,
El Capitan (10.11.6). Version 152 crashes although.


We have several people using Formloom 3 (152) with outdated macOS 10.11 .

If someone can provide a valid crash report, then I am sure we can figure out the problem. So far I have not received such.

I have also offered @bub a refund. So, no money wasted :wink:

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Crash logs now sent and refund was indeed offered. I’d quite like to get it working instead so fingers crossed!

All fixed and working now thanks to Mike @ YabDab. Not sure of the technical details but it’s definitely ok now. Great support from YabDab :grin:


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