Can't Open Rapidweaver

So this is weird…

2014 MBA running macOS 10.13.3
RW 7.5.5

I have RW installed on both of my Macs. On the iMac, all is well! When I try to open RW on my MBA, I get really strange behavior. I can’t select any RW project, right clicking the doc icon and doing a new project does nothing, my menu bar is blank, and I can only force quit. I’ve tried restarting, clean RW install, rolling back to 7.5.4 and 7.5.3, and nothing works. Back to 7.5.5 from the direct download link.

Any ideas?

Screenshot attached.


Perfect! Didn’t know what to call this issue, but it worked.

Now a support ticket to RW to get my license working again.

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