RW 7 won't download

Just paid for upgrade and tried to use download link for RW7, but get an “unable to connect” on firefox and “404 not found” on Safari and Chrome. Says “the specified key does not exist”.

After getting a second email from you, correcting the first email (which had nothing to do with the above problem), and now after paying the beta tester/upgrade fee and trying the download which is not working leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Not a good omen…sure hope the upgrade problems don’t portend other problems with this version.


Update your beta to GM and license.

I had deleted my beta over a week ago…was causing some problems that were affecting my RW6 sites. Didn’t realize that I needed to keep RW7 beta on my computer in order to upgrade. Generally, upgrades are done by email address and password used on old version.

Dan or Nik please straighten this out.


I had the same problem.

look on the thanks for testing RapidWeaver7 email, near the bottom. There is a link “you can always download the latest version of RapidWeaver7 from here”.

download that version, then add your license info

Hi Guys,

Shhh, RapidWeaver 7 is not public just yet! We’re launching it next week on Tuesday, 24th May.

In the meantime if you’ve got any issues or questions please email me at and we’ll sort everything out for you.