🎉 RapidWeaver 7 is now available! 🎉

Morning everyone!

After a year in development and many, many months of beta testing I’m pleased to say - RapidWeaver 7 is available today!

Take a look at the new website for more information (built in RW too, woohoo): http://www.realmacsoftware.com/rapidweaver/

You can buy an upgrade at our online store here: http://realmacsoftware.com/store/

We’ve also put together a new support portal, it includes a new PDF manual, knowledge base and even some videos showing off the new features in RapidWeaver 7!

Thanks for everyone’s support, we really appreciate it. We have plenty more great stuff to come throughout the year. This is just the start.

Happy Weaving!

Thanks Dan (& Team Realmac).



Rapidweaver 7 should be renamed “Pro Edition”.

I cannot praise it highly enough - you have managed to cram everything I ever wanted into Rapidweaver 7.

Thank You


I’ve been beta testing it for a few months now. It is rock-solid and the new features are awesome. I have already built a few projects with RW7 and moved majority of RW6 projects to 7 :slight_smile: Still somehow I couldn’t wait for the launch day and see what RW7 will change in the community :slight_smile: I’m glad its finally here! Well done guys!


Best version ever! I love the FTP Features. Fast as hell!


Finally a stable, well tested and fast release. Few changes in the surface, but many small important improvements and functionality. This is the first time I buy a version just out!


Congratulations on the launch @dan! I’ve been eagerly awaiting this day for a long time. So glad everyone gets to use RapidWeaver 7. This is a big day!


Very nice. Congratulations.
Nice new site too. Although, a proper 404 page is missing. Somewhere in your podcast archives there is information on how to create one. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Adam, this is how I feel today…


haha, that’s very true, I’ll get right on it!

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Thanks for all the kind words and feedback so far, you guys seriously rock. :heart:

I love RapidWeaver and the community around it, we’re going to continue to make RapidWeaver kick-ass.

Viva la RapidWeaver!


My congratulations on the launch! Glad to have been able to help making RW7 the smoothest, hottest update for RapidWeaver ever. :slight_smile: All sites I’ve been working on in the last months have been worked on and published with RW7 and I couldn’t be happier with this update.

Thanks Dan and the Realmac team for this jewel!

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RapidWeaver 7 IS Kick-Ass :sunglasses:


Congratulations on the launch guys, it’s a fantastic piece of software everyone should use. Big improvements compared to v.6.x :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!


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That will be the end of WordPress. Buy a Mac, buy Rapidweaver and everything will work better…


As many know, I have been a very long time Rapidweaver user (starting with v3). I’ve been testing this version for a couple of months now, and am happy to say:
A) The developers were extremely responsive to quickly fixing bugs during the beta (which is what a beta is for);
B) Really listened to us - they wanted to know what features were important;
C) They built those features into Rapidweaver 7, and they have:
D) Released a ROCK-SOLID piece of software!

I make my living building and maintaining sites using Rapidweaver - this isn’t a hobby for me. If I had any qualms about Rw7, I would not have upgraded all my (over 40) sites to Rw7. But I have - and very happily so.

Do yourself a favor and upgrade - you’ll be very happy you did.


Since I had a disastrous experience when I “upgraded” to El Capitain and had a nightmare of a time going back again, I will not be putting El Capitain on my computer. So I will wait until Apple releases their next operating system which will hopefully be better. That being said, I will also wait for the several inevitable bug fixes before I jump into the water.

Looks great. However, I can’t buy it … the store button for upgrade just gives a spinning loading animation … perhaps it’s just traffic?

Can’t wait to give it a go.

yup, forever spinning wheel: can’t purchase
also… can I please have a download link for RW 6.4? latest available from support site is 6.3.8


Seems to be back online now … time to go cap-in-hand to my boss now …

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