Upgrade rapidweaver 7 not working?

hi all and everybody, yesterday i tried to buy the upgrade for rw 6 going onto their site. clicking on the upgrade button it starts up and then comes back with a grey (aprox. 70% transpaerency) and nothing more. one can still see the page behind. through a refresh one gets back to riginal page but no luck downloading. i already sent two mails to rapidweaver but apparently they are quite busy - no answer yet. any bright ideas?
greetings, tomas

Works for me when I click the purchase button:

Have you tried a different browser (or have some sort of pop-up blocker enabled)?

Works for me, too (Safari). Both full version and upgrade.

thanks @jabostick and @Rovertek, i tried it with forefox now and it worked splendidly. strange though, i’ve got safari as my default browser and it acted up, weird this being the mac native browser…
greetings, tomas