RW 8.1 Scrolls to top of page every time adding to page

I have installed RW8.1 and after a few issues mentioned in forum I have an “annoyance” with adding to a page. No matter whether I add a new stack, make a change to existing or change anything as soon as I move off that change/addition the page goes immediately to top of page. I have seen this before in older version when new and I can not remember how it was fixed.
I am working on a long page with various elements at present and I am working on bottom of page and its so annoying that I have to keep scrolling back down to continue working.

No URL at present as its a new site.

Anyone else experiencing same?

Doubtful it has anything to do with 8.1.
Check out this knowledge base article from YourHead (maker of stacks):

THANKS it is one page only i.e. the page I am working on. What I have added in the last hour to cause this a CARTLOOM Snippet as I’m updating my shop with new products. Everything shows in preview and on site too.

So now new question is there a problem with CARTLOOM snippets and 8.1?

Probably not, without seeing the snippet it’s had to say.
Usually the jumping is caused by a missing closing tag. Make sure you you’ve copied the snippet completely.

I would remove what you have and try to copy and paste as plain text again.

Nothing about 8.1 should effect the snippet working in a stacks page.

Find the culprit

  1. Make a copy of the project so that you can experiment without fear. Work on your copy and make a backup of your original.
  2. Open the copy.
  3. Select the stack at the bottom of the page and delete it.
  4. Check to see if the “scroll to top” problem is still there.
  5. If the problem is still there go to step #3 and repeat.

Now you know

When you find that the problem doesn’t happen anymore the last stack that you deleted probably contains the bad content.

Once you know which stack that problem is in, you can look at the content (9 times out of ten it’s some bad text or bad HTML) and the settings of the stack.

If you can’t figure out the problem contact the developer or post here with more details about your findings and we’ll help get moving again.

Worried about how long that will take? I got you covered. :sunglasses:

If you have a gigantic page where doing this over and over would take hours – then you can, instead of deleting one at a time, delete the bottom ½ of the stacks. This will tell you if it’s in the top half or the bottom. Keep using the ½ technique until you’ve narrowed it down. A page with 512 stacks on it (which is just too many, please don’t do that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) can be narrowed down to a single culprit in 9 reputations – so even on the most gigantic page it should only take a few minutes. It will likely take far less time it took me to write out these instructions.

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Isaiah - thanks for this _ I tried this anyway and came to the conclusion the only thing I added was the Cartloom Snippet. However I have had time to play today so this is what I did.
I started new project and copied the offending page to it. I added a paragraph stack at end and it did exactly the same.
I then Deconstructed it removing the Cartloom snippet first it still went to the top. I then removed every stack one by one until all I had was the site style and menu bar. I added an elongated paragraph so I could see whether it was still going to top and yes it was still doing the same.
I then started a new blank page and then copied and pasted each stack one at a time, leaving the Cartloom snippet to end and hey presto it worked and didn’t go to the top. so I copied this i working one and replaced offending one in project I am working on.
I always drag and drop snippets from Cartloom but I also copied and pasted snippet into HTML stack in offending project and either way it still scrolled to top. I have NO IDEA how it did or didn’t work however your advice is that of a very wise man.
I learned very early on in my IT career that the most important thing in life is BACK UP BACK UP! so I never work on live projects when playing or adding.
I would like to put on record all the hard work you do and THANK YOU for all the wonderful experiences I get from playing, learning and improving my mind as a now retired 60+ hobbyist with a real life e commerce and education websites.

The source of the scrolling issue happens when the rendering of the stacks layout area is confused (also when it is very very very slow – but that’s for a different thread :smiley: ) .

In your case it sounds like there was some copy-and-pasted content. I suspect that’s the fly in the ointment.

In one respect this odd behavior is a good early warning system. If it’s causing Stacks to have issues, then it will also cause your published page to have issues (probably NOT scrolling issues though).

You can, however, “disarm” this HTML – this is especially useful when there is an HTML bug in your code that is causing more serious rendering issues.

Try this:

  1. Add an HTML stack
    Always paste code (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, etc.) into an HTML stack. Pasting code into Styled Text is possible, but requires a lot more work. Avoid that if you can.
  2. BEFORE you paste
    Select the HTML stack and open the Info Sidebar. Scroll all the way to the bottom, the very last setting is the one we’re interested in.
  3. Uncheck the Render HTML checkbox
    See the screenshot below.

Unchecking the box will disarm most bad HTML content and at least let you keep working on it.

However a warning: this will allow you to edit that bad content – but it will still be bad content. And if you publish your page with that bad content, then your visitors will see those problems too.

Also: If you really can’t figure out what is causing the issue, send us a the code here and we’ll see if we can help spot the problem. Happy bug hunting! :smiley:

(please excuse the redactions while i work on new secret stacks bits) :wink:

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Isaiah Thanks I have used RW since v4 and always entered the Cartloom (from v2) code by dragging NOT copying and I have never had a problem. It is only this instance in V8 of RW that I have had this problem when entering a Cartloom Snippet.
It is resolved but THANK YOU for your input and more importantly for my education too!
I hope your secret work is on Stacks v4 as I can not wait! :slight_smile: IF not then please stop what you are doing and get back on it! lol :slight_smile: THANKS Paul

RW8.1 is giving us just a few support challenges. LOL. So taking a small Stacks 4 dev break while I fix those. But it’s so close now I can taste it. There should be beta tests and screenshots galore soon (ish).

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