RW 8.4.1 keeps hanging


I really hope someone can help!

I have RW 8.4.1, Stacks 4.0.3, Foundry, Foundation and various stacks from Joe Workman, BWD, etc. I’m running the latest version of Catalina 10.15.1.

RW keeps hanging on preview (internal, external in Safari, and in the simulator), when I try to switch between pages. I’m really struggling to tie it down - this morning, I had a site working perfectly, removed the background image from a partial (which I then seem to have to open and close on each page to get it to register, but that’s another story), changed the font colours, and now I’m hanging.

The site continues to work perfectly when published, so I’m assuming it’s not the site itself.

Can anyone give me some pointers as to where to start looking? Could an individual stack cause this behaviour?

I’m at a loss.



@tpbradley - any insights on this?

I’m relatively new to this, and the site is a work in progress, so is very simple - not flashy at all. It uses the Foundry blank theme, and has 4 Partials on each of 6 visible pages:

  1. Foundry base style (which has the site background image in)
  2. Foundry Nav. Bar (which has Joe’s Wallpaper stack behind it)
  3. Foundry Header (for style - contents are unpinned for editing on each page)
  4. Footer (Foundry 2 Column stack, with Foundry Footer, nested Foundry 2 Column stack with Foundry Modal and Joe’s Google Translate stack)

The Home page has various quotes, pictures, text.
There’s a Gallery page with Joe’s Impact stack.
A Contact page uses Foundry Form Pro and Social Badges.
Blog page with Alloy.

So here’s the weird thing: The About and Purchase pages are the ones that are hanging, and they have nothing more than one of each of the RW standard included Text and Image stacks (in addition to the aforementioned Partials - I’m assuming if they aren’t causing a problem on the other pages, they won’t be here either).

I can click between the Home, Gallery, Blog and Contact pages repeatedly with no issue. The instant I attempt to click to About or Purchase, it hangs. If I delete the About and Purchase pages, it starts hanging on the remaining pages that were previously working.

Once RW has hung, even previously viewed pages don’t show, and I have to flip to RW and Force Quit.

Is there a limit on the Stacks library size? I do have quite a lot in there, but the vast majority are Images put there by various stacks. Some of Joe’s stacks are quite old - might that be causing an issue, even if they’re not referenced in this particular site?

I’m a bit bewildered!

I’ve seen it said on this forum that the RW hanging issue during previewing is a known issue. I’m getting it too, same setup as you, minus Foundation, I use Foundry, otherwise all the same, I hang on one particular page, it’s my home page, it’s the most complex page I have, use some visual effects, have a partial on it, a slider. It just feels to me that it hangs where it’s complex, but maybe you have a different experience. I can preview my home page if I do it first out of edit mode, I can’t swtich to it in preview mode, hangs. I save before I preview, that’s for sure.

It’s strange though, because I have 2 sites with almost identical stacks in both. It hangs on one, but not the other…

(although, I probably shouldn’t speak too soon!)

This sounds like something @Isaiah might need to look at. Perhaps once he’s overcome his pneumonia he can take a look at it.

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Just as an addendum – please be patient on this front. Isaiah definitely will need some time to get better – pneumonia is tough stuff.


I’m having the same problem, to the point where I’ve been struggling to publish one site for several days. It just hangs every time I try publish or preview.

Might it help if I upgraded to Stack 4?

I’m on Stacks 4.

@Pip I think you might be having a different problem. You said Publishing the OP:

Are you able to preview Okay?

No. I have had a problem with that too.

I did make some progress today. I republished each page individually and then tried republishing the whole site and it worked. Phew! It was important as I had some forms that needed redirecting to a different service.

Fingers crossed I will be fine now. Panic over :slight_smile: