RW 8.5.1 Issues

I’ve noticed that 8.5.1 is noticeably slower on a 8 gb RAM machine compared to RW 8 on a 4 gb machine. To the point where it’s almost unusable. Drag and drop loses focus, for example. Scrolling commands are not immediately executed. Uncommanded full screen. I hate to whine but this needs to be dealt with–since RW 6 I’ve never had issues like this–and this is for very small projects, <3 mb in size, one page only.

I haven’t noticed any noticeable speed differences between the various 8.x releases.

Since you changed Mac’s (more than just a memory upgrade) it’s more than likely something else.

You can always go back to a prior release and try it out:

Ditto. I have not noticed any speed difference between 8 releases. If anything 8.5.1 seems a wee bit faster to me. I’m not trying to say you aren’t experiencing a real issue, but it’s not a universal problem.

  • Do you have other apps open at the same time?
  • Anything more specific about your setup in terms of plugins or stacks used? (Some stacks or plugins are more intensive than others)

Sorry I can’t be more helpful on this one. Hopefully someone else had a similar problem and found a fix.

Not running anything else.
I stopped using beta releases to avoid these kind of issues.
There are lots of RW 6 themes that these days are pretty much useless. I’d like to delete them.
Not too many stacks, probably <20. Some are rarely used, like Pagesafe.
Back to 8.0.

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