Dodgy Preview Engine in RW8

I’m finding that the Preview issues that arose in RW7…

  • slow previews
  • sometimes fails to preview the correct page
  • sometimes shows a blank page
  • sometimes page-jumping

…are all happening in RW8. In RW7 I found the problem mostly on large Foundation projects but now it happens on any page with more than a small number of stacks in any theme.

I’m all up to date but on High Sierra rather than Mojave. 2.8GHz i7 processor, 16GB Ram so not under-spec’d.

Anyone have any fixes? if not, can the guys at Realmac take a good look at this in a future release. For me it’s spoiling the experience considerably.

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Although I’ve been using the new simulator more in RW8 and haven’t seen those problems in the simulator or preview when I do use it.
Is it happening on all projects or just one?
Might take a look at this post:

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Thanks for this - good thread - I haven’t seen before.

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