Anyone Notice Long Time For Previews RW 7.2.2?

Wouldn’t call this a ‘problem’ but it seems like it takes RW a long time to create previews. If I create a brand new project file, select a theme, and add 3 text stacks, it previews in a second or two. Nice! But if I add a new stacks page and add 3 text stacks to my existing project file with the same theme, it takes 10 seconds or so to preview.

Any thoughts. RW 7.2.2 W/Latest stacks. Doesn’t matter the theme I choose, this happens. Feels like a project file problem, but hard to say. This is on a 2015 Macbook Pro i7 w/16GB ram so doubt its a HW problem.


Yes, this is one of those performance headaches in RW that just can’t seem to go away – from one version to the next one… Makes your productivity looking like a joke.

This problem alone makes me wonder whether I should switch to another application.

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Take a look at an app called blocs

It seems like something is wrong/corrupt with my project file and not RapidWeaver.

Anyone have any tips or something I can look for? Rendering a pretty simple page takes about 10 seconds and this really does chew into productivity. It also crashes about every 5-10 previews or so. I’ve tried reinstalling the RW application, but still no luck.

I’ve looked at all the other solutions including Concrete, Blocs, Wordpress, etc… I always run home to RapidWeaver and Stacks. Its just a far far better balance of simplicity, scalability, maturity, and flexibility. RapidWeaver wins.


Thanks for suggestions, guys. I will certainly check them out (except Wordpress).

Just to reinforce that what I was saying is that RapidWeaver and Stacks proved superior to anything else (especially Blocs- Blocs is pretty basic and buggy)

Good luck!

@wphall Blocs 2.31 was released today and is far from basic and is not buggy according to the few bug reports on their forum. Blocs is developing at a ferocious rate so you may not be up to speed with it today. Worth checking out to see what fast preview is all about. I don’t use Blocs for real work but do like to support independent developers such as Norm who is doing great work.


Minor problem generally but worse on big sites with lots of stacks. I have a couple of sites where it concerns me but if you are having preview delays with small sites I suspect RW is not to blame

As an experiment, I created a new project file, and assigned a theme. Then added 10 various text and image stacks to the page. At this point, I duplicated the page 20 times (thus, 20 stacks pages with 10 various stacks per page). Rapidweaver previewed it exceptionally fast.

Thus, it seems like a specific stack that might be slowing things down. I’ll play with it and report back.

RMS- Any tips or things to look out for that you’ve seen slows down previews?

One of the things that I’ve found - and I’m not sure what the rhyme or reason is - is that if I’m experiencing a terrible lag in previewing, I turn off my wireless Internet connection and the preview suddenly springs into life. Then I turn wireless back on again. It usually settles down after a while but I wonder if there’s something in a theme or a stack that’s calling home and not being able to get through?


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Thanks for the tip. That’s a good idea.

I am thinking this is a problem with either my project file or RW install itself. RW is crashing about every 5th preview. I took my existing project file and completely gutted it. Took out all pages, resources, general info, code, everything… basically made it virgin again. Still having problems. Feels like a application preferences problem or maybe an application resources issue. Again, I’ll dig in and report back.


RW 7.3 is very slow to preview for me as well tonight. But it Previewed perfectly OK in my Browser.
Using a different themes with exactly the same contents did help it preview a bit quicker,

I reported it to Realmac and sent my Log !


Preview wasn’t so bad until 7.3 - now it’s really slow.

Thank you @grajay. I went to 7.3 as well and previewing is crashing about every 3rd preview. Where did you report. I’d like to help and give them more info. This is very reproducible so maybe my project files would help.


I’ve not reported it @wphall - I just figured it’ll get sorted out with the next update if nothing else gets broken in the meanwhile. My project file is HUGE, so it’s not practical for me to send that.

Got it. Mine isn’t bad at 27MB. I’m not even sure where to file bugs or get support with RMS.


If you mention either @dan or @ben in posts like this I’m sure someone will be along shortly to tell you where to send a dodgy project file.


Send any support queries (for official releases (7.3 included) to

also, please look at this doc so you can supply as much info as possible

Great. I’ll do it now. Thx! Hope it helps everyone.