Preview rendering problems

Preview generating in Rapid Weaver 8 takes a very long time (circle spinning for longer than a minute, sometimes several minutes, even after a minor change (like changing one word in a text). It wasn’t like that in RW 7.

Also, if the preview hasn’t finished generating and you switch to another page, the program starts to jump endlessly back and forth from the newly selected page to the previous one, never completing the tasks. The program becomes unresponsive, and needs to be forced quit. I need to do this several times every work session. (This certainly didn’t use to happen in RW7)

Any help out there?

You’re not the only one suffering this but so far I haven’t seen any definitive answers. Some of my larger projects are a complete nightmare.

Also experiencing problems with preview. Stacks disappearing, images weird sizes, etc., usually requires closing and restarting RW. Very annoying!

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