RW 8 and Foundation - banners not filling screen

So I’m working off a test site now for RW 8… first thing I see is my banners not filling the screen.
@joeworkman why are my banners now not filling the screen like my live site, which was done in RW7?:

thanks, Lisa

It looks like that image stack is in a 1 column stack, which will set it to width of the site, not edge to edge, take that stack out of the 1 column stack. Here is a screenshot with the image stack without a 1 column stack and the image stack inside a 1 column stack. You will see the one without a 1 column stack goes edge to edge (the top one) the one inside a 1 column stack does not.

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@zeebe thank you. I figured out the issue. The 1 col was set to site width instead of full width. I need the 1 col stack to hold the image because it’s in a partial and the image is different on each page. It’s just weird because my previews in RW7 showed the banner filling the screen.

Nothing like another eye to help figure it out :slight_smile: thanks again.

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