RW 8 and no possibility to copy the URL to resources?

In RW 8 it is no longer possible to copy the URL to resources, But I think that it is absolutely necessary to have a way to copy the URL to resources. How to use stacks like FontPro without a easy option to copy the link to resources

Please implement this possibility ASAP…!

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This is for @dan and I agree. It should be possible to copy a resource URL…

Is the right-click “Copy Macro” not what you’re after?

I do not miss “Copy Macro”, I miss “Copy URL”. And I miss more:

  • I would prefer resources in list view
  • I miss the option to rename resources
  • I miss the URL and the place where the resource is stored (using “reveal in finder” is one or two clicks too much)
  • I miss showing the file size

The old resources tool was better, I think


Ah I see. Sorry about this, we will get this added back in!




looking forward to it!

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