Are Resource URLs available in RW8?

(Brett Hannam) #1

In RW7 it was possible to click on a resource in the page inspector and see information about it, including its URL address when uploaded. Some stacks (e.g. PDF Viewer 3 by RWTuts) need to know this to work properly. There doesn’t seem to be an equivalent facility in RW8, or am I missing it? Thanks.

(Doug Bennett) #2

I Might be a little confused by what you’re saying. When you say page inspector are you talking the page inspector in edit mode? You also mentioned resource are you asking about resources from the old resource folder?

(Brett Hannam) #3

Sorry for the ambiguity. I mean the window on the left side of RW7, to which you drag resources. Clicking on one of these brought up a page in the edit window with information about that resource. So yes - its resources in the resource folder that I am talking about.

(Doug Bennett) #4

The new Resource Manager is a popup window now:

Once you open it, if you right click on a resource you get several options, one is to copy the URL:

(Brett Hannam) #5

Thanks. It’s very strange, but I don’t have the same options as you! Of the 5, I have (top to bottom) 4 and 5 but not 1, 2 or 3. I do, however, have an option to ‘Reveal in Finder’. Did all your resources come from Unsplash? I wonder if there are different options for local and remote resources?

(Simon Maddox) #6

As you’ve spotted, this is only currently available for Unsplash images right now. It’ll be back for all resources in an update soon.

(Brett Hannam) #7

Thanks Simon and also Doug for your (very rapid) help - much appreciated.

(Doug Bennett) #8

sorry still learning this new stuff myself.

For local resources drag and dropped in, you don’t get the same options.
Have you tried using the copy macro and using that in the Stack?

@simon its also in any remote resource(aka warehoused) you add, along with the visit authors site?

(Brett Hannam) #9

Doug, I tried with the macro but (for the stack I’m using) it doesn’t work.
Thanks for the suggestion.

(Doug Bennett) #10

I don’t have that stack, and It looks as though RWtuts isn’t around anymore. How do you specify the resource? Is it a link?

(Brett Hannam) #11

Yes; it needs the full URL to work properly.

(Doug Bennett) #12

Just download all RWtuts stacks. They are free now on Github, that’s a strange way to enter a URL, don’t know why they didn’t use the link dialog.

(Warren Robbins) #13

Same issue for me using RW8.

Just want to grab a URL to a PDF file I add as a resource to my RW8 project, that then gets published to my site for public access to download. So, does this thread tell me that is no longer supported (at least until an update to RW8 comes out)?

Any thoughts or advice is welcomed.

I use the Resources as a way to store files to be offered as a free downloads in a click funnel. I previously was able to add a file (PDF) as a resource then grab the URL for use in my email forms.

Not sure what RWtuts is, but that github link takes me to what looks like a deprecated stack project. Hmmm, nervous to use that, besides that may not even be what I need anyway.

(Warren Robbins) #14

Duh, resource URLs are formed the same as in RW7, just no convenient way to ask RW8 for it. Sorry for being slow. Happy again.

(system) #15

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