Where can I find a URL link to a resources item in Rapidweaver 8

There used to be a folder on the left hand side of the Rapidweaver entitled ‘Resources’ in which I could place all my downloadable zipped files. I in turn could share a direct URL link to these zipped files for people to then download without the need to go to the site that they are part of. I’ve discovered that the folder entitled ‘Resources’ has now moved to the top of the screen alongside ‘Snippets’ - but where has the ability for me to copy and paste the URL to my zipped folders for direct download gone ?

Did you try right clicking the resource? Think there’s an option for that (on iPad right now can’t check).

Hi Doug - yes i have. All I get are the options to ‘reveal in finder’ 'copy macro and ‘re-link resource’ . Nothing about a resource URL link . Justin

I think it is re-instated in v8.1 beta

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I am a little stumped on this one too. RW 7 used to give you the path of the resource after you added it. No option seems to exist in 8.

It’s being brought back in RW 8.1. It was removed in RW 8. RapidWeaver 8.1 is in beta and should be ready soon.

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