RW 8 | Filenames don't get displayed fully

@dan, @Aaron,
Hi there,
here comes just a little one:
When I name project files in RW8, I normally do it, using a versionnumber at the end of the filename.
Something like: “importantproject_1.3”. If I do it like that, the “3” doesn’t get displayed in the editwindow header of RW8.
I have to type in a “next character”, maybe at least a “.” (dot).
Then the full name gets displayed.


Never use dot’s in filenames, os’s treat dots as the separator between filename and extention, try a - instead.
Also don’t use any special characters such as # % & @ $ as they also can have special meaning to the os.

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Hi @harry,

@PaulRussam is correct - I’d recommend using underlines to separate words in your project files. important_project_1

  1. A file does not need an extension
  2. A file can start with a dot
  3. A file name is allowed to contain dots
  4. If the file contains one or more dots, the text after the last occasion will be interpreted as file extension.

If RW8 does not display the text after a dot of a RW project, this is clearly a file name display bug.

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Hi Aaron,
why did it work in RW7? ;o)


@harry I may have misunderstood the “issue” here. Is the . appearing in the filename in Mac OS? The way file names/extensions are treated in Mac OS are a bit different in recent versions, as they tend to hide extensions by default. I’m thinking Mac OS is viewing it as an extension.

works for me in latest 8.1 beta :+1:



Hi everybody,
thxs for your input on this one.
Maybe I just change the way I name files ;o)
Thxs Jannis, good to know. I’ll check that.

Have a great rest of the week.

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