Solved:- Trying to gather together .RW6 and .RW7 files

(tim parsons) #1

Hi all, i am trying to restore some order to my Rapidweaver Projects, they are in a real mess, scattered about all over my hard drive.
I would like all my RW6 projects in one folder
all my RW7 projects in another folder

of course when i search for “.rw6” and/or “.rw” files in Finder, i get a lot of files that are nothing to do with either of those file extensions.

is it possible to search for specifically RW project files and nothing else ?? PLEASE

PS. i have a lot of .RWSW files, can someone please remind me what they are ? thanks


Multiple instances of RW
(Mathew Mitchell) #2

Best search tool out there is HoudahSpot. It’s fantastic. It seems Spotlight, if you put in “.rw” then it searchers for “rw” and ignores the period.

I don’t think I would buy HoudahSpot just for this immediate problem, but it is one fantastic piece of software. Oh, and of course, it will find all my “.rw” and “.rw6” files in less than 3 seconds on a 3 Tb drive.

(David) #3

.RWSW are RW5 project files.

(tim parsons) #4

@Mathew hi matthew, thanks for that suggestion, i downloaded and installed the trial version.

the trouble is, i define File Extension is .rw and search, it finds NOTHING !!


(tim parsons) #5

@thang thanks for that David, that should have been pretty dammed obvious to me, thanks


(Mathew Mitchell) #6


The problem in this case is that you are using the “file extension” option. This isn’t really bad, but when you use this option is also means you do NOT need to use the period. Just put in RW.

Alternatively put “.rw” into the name contains option.

(tim parsons) #7

@Mathew Of course, what a “silly billy” i am to be sure !!!.

Yeah i fixed that oversite and i got the Search results i was hoping to get thanks.

O yes and that is a dammed good program HoudahSpot :-