Project name not showing correctly in RW 8.1.6

I noticed that the entire project name doesn’t show up at the top of the program window. See pics. 18%20PM 44%20PM

It seems to work as expected for me.


It could be that something somewhere is elimination the last little bit of the file – thinking that it’s the file extension – but that seems really really unlikely.

So, I’m guessing that there’s something non-obvious going on here.
I would open the Get Info window in the finder and look at the full name of the file with the file-extension.

My guesses:

  • Maybe the extension has accidentally been eliminated?
  • Or maybe the file that you have open is not actually the file that you’ve taken a screenshot of?


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Unchecking “Hide Extension” fixed it. Very odd bug. I have never noticed this before. Thanks Isaiah 16%20PM

very interesting. if you re-hide the extension does the bug re-appear?
i still can’t make that happen, even with hidden extensions.

but maybe it’s worth telling @dan to go investigate the code a bit further. see if there really is some type of bug in there.

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Will look into this, probably something to do with RW (or the Mac?) thinking the extension is .3 instead of rw8.

Very odd.


If I re-check Hide it no longer shows correctly in RW. It seems RW is not seeing the extension correctly when it is hidden.

I’ve noticed this happening a long time ago and I just stopped using periods in file names. Instead of TLC 1.1.3 I would name it TLC 113.


… or if you put the dot behind the last character it works, too.
So, looks like this: TLC 1.1.3.

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just to complete:

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