Why does this folder appear when I save

Hi All

Since moving to RW7, on most of our Macs each time I save, or save as, a new folder appears in my Project folder with a name as shown below, the last few characters of the folder name appear to be random without any discernible pattern.

This a we bit irritating as, if I am working on something complex and perform a lot of saves, I get a lot of folders with varying files sizes but approx 295mb. I have to therefore delete these folders as 20+ of them add up.

I have included 2 samples of folder names below.

1 = IOP V-4.3.4.rw.sb-693130df-h1OfdR

2 = IOP V-4.3.4.rw.sb-693130df-8Vn5oY

Does anyone know,

Why they appear?
What they are?
Are they important (to keep latest version)
How do I stop them appearing.

Many thanks in advance.

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