RW and cache-control-code [solved]

Hi Weavers,
I’m planning an RW warehouse (with good’ol Photostream-Stack from Instacks) supported temporary browser-slideshow with two beamers rearwards onto two shoping-windows. The client and I want to change the slides every day on the server via FTP in both linked folders. So far so good - it works well with one minimac/Ethernet/HDMI/DisplayPort…

Here’s first an example:

But, the duration-time is in the evening (±5 pm - 11pm) and nobody is able to refresh the browser every day and the »Macmini & The Beamers« are running then in standby until next wakeups.
I’m trying a lot, to figure it out with Prefs from Firefox or Safari (Setting > no cache) but it didn’t help - the show didn’t change -pics plays still from cache…
Then I try to add some Headercodes, as: Header set Cache-Control "max-age=290304000, public
or IfModules something with »no-cache« but also nothing helps.

Please, do you have any idea for me? I’m not soo good in programming…!
Greets from Duesseldorf

Thinking different helps;-) … I take the other way round!
Adding a addon for Firefox »Super Auto Refresh« and so our changings will viewed…
AS Picabia says: »The head is round so that thinking can change direction.«


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