All pictures gone!?!

Hi All,

anyone found a solution to restore the pictures that just disappeared. I downloaded the backup and this only restores the text and frames, which was ok before anyway, only an issue that I have to download all the pictures via ftp and copy them once again to Rapidweaver and this will take 3 days :frowning: Basically, this is not a complete backup and restore. Thankfully, I have all the pictures on the Webserver.

Is there a solution?

Thanks in advance

Normally that happens when you run out of ram…close without saving and shut everything down and then restart RW

And next time…don’t add to RW…warehouse!!

Done that and not the solution, I am afraid.

“warehouse”? Strange as I chose Rapidweaver, there was no mention of warehouse to be seen

Thanks for trying to solve this, but this is not the first time and I thought before looking for another solution (used dreamweaver for years) wanted to see if there was an actual solution.

Is there a version control for Rapidweaver, meaning you have an option to choose more than the last backup? This is standard in most software today, yet I do not see that as default in Rapidweaver?

Will Woodgate (@willwood) wrote a nice article about warehousing. Unfortunately, I don’t have the URL. Basically, what that means is you place your images, PDFs, whatever, on your server and refer their URLs in RapidWeaver. This method is much preferred to placing your stuff directly in RW’s Resources. Your project gets much smaller and easier to manage.

As to versioning, I’m afraid you have to rely on TimeMachine, or the Website Watchman app from PeacockMedia.

here’s the ebook post from @willwood

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Many thanks to you all for answering so quickly, very much appreciated!!!

Have a great day


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