RW Show - Episode 21

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

@dan & @ben

Thank you for answering my questions on your show, gives me many many ideas on where to go with RapidWeaver.

To answer your questions/comments…

  1. Only been using RW for about 8 months so not technically a newb lol, however, my queries regarding paths in inspector (not code) were from Inspector screenshots on the forums. I am trying to understand as much of RapidWeaver as I can to become more proficient at answering user questions in the forums. It is very similar to Dreamweaver in many resects and I can relate to it very well.

  2. Awesome that everything is managed either through RapidWeaver or Finder, that is a relief.

  3. Thank you for the mention of RW SDK resources, appreciate it and will start with Themes and go from there (maybe).

Ideas on how to improve the show

A. You could do your own advertisement for :wink: - what’s that saying… pay yourself first lol (Appreciate the ad free part, but as a company, you have to do what you have to do, ads (imho) won’t ruin the show but will instead give me hope for the future of RW). Perhaps discuss some ads with RW Classroom…?!

B. Add more information or create a second podcast for it, Bring @jamesbeith on the show to give behind the scenes info of for updates as you do with Nik when he is available.

C. Please don’t stop developing RW, I wouldn’t want you to become starving musicians lol (Yes, I listen to every show in it’s entirety even when you ramble :wink: )

A suggestion as not sure how you do all the referrer thing on purchase of add ons:

Maybe this is something you can discuss with Dev’s, but I find it very frustrating to click purchase for something I like from a dev on the community site, it is referred to them by you (Very cool) so the dev can track where purchases are coming from, however, it doesn’t allow me to continue shopping from that developer with you as the referrer (Frustrating because I have to submit purchase info for many items instead of just one reference from Realmac and continue shopping to have one invoice for multiple products at once). Perhaps the Dev’s can add a referrer field to their forms if going to their sites directly because I wish to give you credit for the referral and helps the Dev’s track where their purchases are coming from. Hope I explained that well enough. It sure would assist the Dev’s, you folks and CC/Paypal transactions for me lol.

Anyway, food for thought and hope you enjoy some time off (Except @nikf because he wasn’t on the show this week so his punishment should be working through the holidays lol). Or he should bring you Coffee at the very least! lol



Hi chaps, why isnt Episode 21 available from this web site ?.
I thought somebody (@ben or @dan) was going to ensure that clicking on a Show Note in a Podcast opens a New Page and NOT open’s the Show Note in the same page and stops the Audio of the Pod Cast !!!

A couple of questions for Episode 22 !!!



The podcast hasn’t made it to the website yet, it is available on iTunes. It was their last day before holidays so not everything got updated as it should have.


@Turtle Ok Brad fair enough, we all deserve a holiday i must admit. I have just listened to Episode 21, it was nearly all devoted to yourself, Well Done brad, some good questions from you :smile:


Thanks @timmytoad, I felt the questions needed to be asked :wink:


Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions @Turtle, It’a much appreciated! :+1:

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