RW crashes on v6 project upgrade; new v7 project also crashes RW

Have an old file in .rw6 format I need to work on so ran RW7 which opened & created a new file. Made some edits & closed. Now every time I open the (new) RW7 version, RW crashes immediately. Tried re-opening the (old) .rw6 file to see if I could upgrade the file format again & crashes after few seconds whilst ‘Migrating Home…’ (having moved the RW7 version out of hte directory).

Have restored old version of .rw6 file from yesterday’s Time Machine (i.e. pre-update attempt). This also now crashes RW7 every time I open it after migration message. So… now have 2 versions, neither of which I can open as both crash RW within a few seconds.

Have upgraded to RW 7.5
Have uploaded both the .rw6 file & RW7 version in a zip here:

Does anyone have any idea why this may be happening?
(have logged multiple crash reports with RW just now)

Hi Alex,

Sorry for all the issues. It looks like this file triggers a pretty bad bug.

Here’s the detail in case you’re interested
When you combine these ingredients: large file (many pages), large Stacks Library (many installed stacks), a file that needs to be migrated from RW 6, and a file that uses certain stacks (ones that rely on encryption libraries)… BOOM.

Of course it shouldn’t. And it’s definitely not your fault.

The good news is that your file was a perfect test case – and with that in hand – I was able to fix it very easily. Thank you so much for posting the real files – you can’t imagine how much that helps!!! :smiley:

I’ll be releasing a fix for this problem in a beta version by the end of day. And I’ll push that out to all users after beta testers have a chance to run it through its paces – probably just a day or two since the change is rather small.

If you’d like to grab the beta and help test – then you can jump over to our Slack channel – I’ll post a build there – hopefully in a few hours.



That’s great. Thanks so much for your rapid response. I thought multiple pages/stacks may be contributing.
Will grab the beta; thanks for giving me my website back!

Posted the beta just now. A few developers have already tested it and gave it a :+1: (including with RW6 migrations) so we’ll probably roll it out to everyone tomorrow morning.

Thanks again for reporting.


I face the same issue.
I spent hours trying to fix the crashes while publishing without success.
I came up to the conclusion it is easier (hours to work on) to start a new RW7 project.

Some add ons did not like the RW7 conversion process.

Good luck

Beto Boton

I was getting instant RW crashes when trying open RW6 files. I recall seeing the latest beta on the Yourhead Slack channel and tried that which cured the issue. I have since opened several RW6 files in RW7.41 using Stacks 3.55b1 successfully. Thanks to Isaiah for jumping on this so quickly.

This is out of beta and released to everyone now. There are a few more little fixes in there too.

If opening RW6 files is still causing problems for anyone we want to hear from you, just send your file to and we’ll give you a hand.

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