RW Crashing on M1 iMac

Hi, I’m having regular crashes when opening RW 8.1.9 on a new M1 iMac. I had “Open Using Rosetta” ticked since I’m using a few older plug-ins. Now I must also have “Open in Low Resolution”. So far this seems to have reduced or resolved the crashes. Happy to send the crash report if this helps @ben @isaiah

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So far, I just got a new IMAC 24" about a month ago. I have loaded RW on it for the last two weeks. It’s been working. Only one time I had a screen freeze sooooo far … I wish I could have said I was having good results with my other software. For example, I purchased adobe cs6 photoshop, indesign and it worked great for years (I don’t need their costly subscription service to touch up a handful of personal photos a month) … but … they won’t load … Even though Rosetta is supposed to take care of that in the background. Same for the MS Word … (Thank God for LibreOffice which is free and much nicer) …

Hi @TheProfessor , that’s very interesting! I’m hopeful that the RW crash issue will sort itself out if I have a cull on some older stacks. Regarding Adobe, I used Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign for years but recently moved over to Affinity products which are 95% fine for my needs. I keep Adobe CS1 on an old iMac running Snow Leopard for the 5% of functionality not possible in Affinity. I also really like Pages which for my needs is a perfect simple DTP app.

Thanks Gary. I just checked out Affinity and might start using it … especially Affinity Designer (instead of Adobe Indesign) for book layout. Adobe has gotten enough of my money over the years as has Microsoft. Didn’t even know these alternatives existed until your message.

Hi John,
Affinity Desiger does a similar job as Adobe Illustrator,
Affinity Photo - Adobe Photoshop and
Affinity Publisher - Adobe InDesign.

I haven’t had a need to try out Publisher yet but it looks quite good.

Doing alot less design for print these days!

I don’t think this has anything to do with Rosetta. Rosetta takes applications that currently work on an Intel Based Mac and translates them to work on the M1 Mac’s until the developers have the chance to get the M1 versions working.

These are really old applications and wouldn’t run on an Intel Mac using the latest Catalina or higher.

I know older versions of MS Word(2013) stopped working with Catalina. Catalina stopped support for 32-bit.

I stopped using Adobe years ago, but my understanding is that CS6 still uses at least some 32-bit components.

macOS stopped all 32-bit support with Catalina, so the only way to run old apps like this would be to roll back to macOS 10.14 Mojave, which you can’t do with the new Apple chips.

I’ve had the entire Affinity suite for sometime, and I think you’ll really like it.

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