RW Crashing since installing latest Stacks

Just installed latest Stacks. RW 7 now crashing as soon as I open a project.

Here is the thread with how and where to report bugs and get help.

Thanks Scott
Anyone else having this problem?

No, but look for Stacks 3.5.1

Thanks Ed, but it was Stacks 3.5.1 which caused the problem.
RW working again once I uninstalled 3.5.1 and reverted to previous version.

Can you tell me any more about your setup?

  • RapidWeaver version
  • macOS version
  • anything else interesting (strange networking setup, really-old/really-new hardware, etc.)

Can you tell me any more about the crash?

  • sometimes (almost always) there is a window that shows a crash report. this info can provide some insight into what’s going on.

As always, you can send a message to – if you haven’t already. If you send along the details I mentioned above – or any others, then that would help @girlcarew get some suggestions back ASAP.

Oh, and here’s a good FAQ on crash reporting:


Thanks Isaiah. I sent several crash reports to Realmac via RW’s internal crash reporter. I’ll try to retrieve one from them and send you the Crashes report text.