All projects crashing after Stacks update 3.5.0 to 3.5.1

Hi everybody. Hi, I just updated Stacks 3.5 to Stacks 3.5.1 and I can’t open my RW projects anymore. How can I reverse this update ? Thanks for your answer, I’m in pain just now with my websites. I haven’t previous version of stacks as it was override by new version. Help please :frowning:

RW 6.3.4 (the 6.3.8 doesn’t work) Mac OS 10.9.5

sorry about this. :slightly_frowning_face::sob:

Update: the issue is now corrected Stacks v3.5.2 should be fully compatible with macOS 10.9. It’s on our update server or you can download it directly from our homepage:

Note: this only affected users of RapidWeaver 6 and Mac OS X 10.9.

we used a 10.10+ feature – and didn’t mask it out on 10.9 – dev speak for: oops i messed up. sorry.

the good news is that it’s a pretty simple fix. we should have it back to working by tomorrow.

until then you can grab a copy of Stacks v3.2.7 here:

old versions of just about everything are always available on our archive:



What version of MacOS-X are you running? 10.12.6 is latest. This bug is for pre 10.10.

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Their answer here

We have just received two reports of a crash this morning, and we believe it has to do with 10.9. We are looking into it.

So I think it’s just a bug for OS 10.9.
And they told me how to make a backup before upgrading (I didn’t know)

_In RapidWeaver, hold down the Option key and choose “Reveal Addons Folder” from the RapidWeaver 6 menu. In the folder that appears, remove the item “Stacks.rapidweaverplugin”.

If it can help some of you…

Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

@SteveB - yes, this bug only affects 10.9 users. And it’s an easy fix. A new fixed build is already going out to beta users right now.

We’ll continue to support RapidWeaver 6 and macOS 10.9 in Stacks 3 (with a few, hopefully minor or cosmetic, features missing).

Stacks 4 (hopefully just a few months away if I type really really fast!) will move up to the next rung on the ladder: RapidWeaver 7. So if upgrading is on your To Do list, then don’t wait around. Carpe diem!

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OK, looking for macOS 10.9 beta testers. We 10.9 running on a virtual machine, and our build tools tell us all is well for 10.9 – but it would still be nice to get confirmation from at least one 10.9 user.

Any takers?

You can always get the beta by joining our Slack channel:

If that’s too much trouble, no worries, I can hand deliver the download link in a DM. :smiley:


You can always amend your early post to reflect your now much calmer state of mind. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Might help others who also get confused. :smiley:

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I had the same problem with Stacks 3.5.1 and I’m on OS 10.11.6 - so unless it’s a different bug, it’s not restricted to 10.9
(I raised this in a separate topic and am trying to get the crash report which I sent to Realmac over to Isaiah as he requested.)
I couldn’t find a Stacks version history on the Yourhead website (I realise Isaiah has provided a link in this thread) so to get RW up and running again I deleted 3.5.1 and reverted to Stacks 3.2.7 by getting it from Trash which is where the update installer seemed to have put it.

I had the same problem with Stacks 3.5.1 and I’m on OS 10.11.6 - so unless it’s a different bug, it’s not restricted to 10.9

The bug others on this thread were experiencing was definitely a 10.9 bug (the crash reports those folks sent made it pretty obvious, it was easy bug to duplicate, and our changes showed the duplicated bug was eliminated).

That bug has also already been fixed and released in Stacks 3.5.2 earlier today.

The bug you’re experiences is different. I would love to fix that one too. Unfortunately I don’t know anything about it yet. Are you still experiencing it? I’d love to get that crash report you mentioned! :slight_smile:

I couldn’t find a Stacks version history on the Yourhead website

Oh my gosh. I’m so glad you brought this up. Documenting all update history is one of my very favorite things (I’m not joking – I’m just weird :nerd_face:) – but I so rarely get and excuse to talk about it.

We keep all the details. And they’re (mostly) automatically logged, compiled and built into nice little pages for people to browse through. It’s so nerdy awesome.

So, to answer the question, you can find the link on our site at the bottom of every page. It’s just part of the standard footer partial we use. It looks like this:


Here’s a direct link to the archive: Stacks
And, just in case you still need it, a direct link to the previous version:

The archive is the one part we do by hand. I don’t archive every single version – I try to curate it a tiny bit – weed out some of the short lived versions. I usually add items to the archive about a week after things stabilize.

But that’s not all

Not only do we keep lots of old versions – but we also keep the detailed history public too. On most entries in the archive there’s a link to some release notes that were sent along with that update. Here’s a link to the latest one from today’s v3.5.2 update: Stacks Release Notes

Is that all you ask? NO WAY!

You can also click on any of the items in the detailed history – and it will go to the specific info about each bug that was fixed. So you can even look at the info about the recent Mac OS X 10.9 bug. If you click on the link next to that bug, it goes to our GitHub public bug/feature tracker where you can find all the history of that bug. (In this case, there wasn’t that much – but sometimes there is). You can even contribute your own crash reports, feature requests, or just say, “Hi”. Here’s a direct link to that latest bug: crashes on macOS 10.9 · Issue #747 · yourhead/s3 · GitHub

I don’t yet have a bug filed for your crash yet. As soon as I have some info about it – you’ll be able to follow along, watch when it gets fixed (assuming you’re a nerd for this stuff too – which, I know, you’re probably not – but just sayin’). :smiley:


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Thanks Isaiah very helpful reply
Have requested copy of crash report from Realmac and will forward it when I hear back from them.
They seem to have the week-ends off down Brighton way. Perhaps just this time of year.
Too scared to reinstall 3.5.1 till you can have a look at crash report.
Appreciate the invite to the nerd-fest, but will pass this time.

If you’re too scared (this seems very reasonable) then you can always send me the file + addons folder zipped up. If it’s something that happens every time – that should be enough for me to make it happen. If it’s something intermittent, then it will at least give me some starting places to look.

To send just grab the file and your entire add-ons folder, zip them in the Finder, and send a Dropbox link (or similar sharing service – whatever works for you) to

If you have any questions concerning how to do that or exactly which bits to send or anything else feel free to send those to support too. Christi should be able to help you walk through it.


Hi, I tried to launch RW project after update to 3.5.3. It still crashing…
Is it possible to have 3.5.0 plugin instead of 3.2.7 ? I would like to revert my previous version of stacks if it was possible. And, why not, deactivate the update alert. Next version when I’ll change my OS and a new version of RW. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

You can get all old versions of Yourhead products here

Thanks, I know, but the available versions are 3.5.3 or 3.2.x but not the 3.5.0 I had before my unfortunate update… and that I did not know how to save :frowning:

Ah, didn’t realize that has not been updated yet. I will let @isaiah know about that.

RW 6 with Stacks 3.5.3 on Mac OS 10.9.5 does not seem to work. Forced to revert to Stacks 3.2.7.

Still stuck on Mavericks due to work software, wish I could upgrade.

Hi everyone,
3.5.4 stacks version is working perfectly with 10.9.5 Mac OS.
Thanks again for your help…

By the way, is there a manipulation to do not to receive updates notifications in the future?

I believe RapidWeaver updater currently always triggers when there is an update available.

Perhaps we can ask @dan or @simon to add that feature (The ability to disable/ignore updates). Maybe a feature request for RW 8?

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You can turn off “auto update checking” in the Preferences. However, I’m not sure if this also causes checking for plugin updates, @simon would need to confirm what the deal is on that.