RW FILMS Presents Brandon Corlett 4D #episode20


P.S. You’ll have to listen to Episode 20 for this to be relevant :smile:


Sorry about the 4D, Dan can be a slow learner… :wink:

@ben oi you.

@BrandonCorlett haha, very good. That’s also kinda scary! :scream:

@ben lol I kinda like it. I was considering calling my next TED Talk “Brandon Corlett 3D”, but “Brandon Corlett 4D” takes it to a whole other dimension.

@dan :laughing: I hope you were able to sleep after that.

Silliness aside, I really like the direction that that conversation ended up taking. Particularly in regards to expectations creating reality.

I have long been a believer that a thought that you continue to think is a belief, your beliefs set your expectations, and your expectations create your perceived reality.

@dan, on the note of expectations; I expect you to have cloth covered table giving tarot card reading at the RapidWeaver Community Conference. If you can commit to that then I can commit to selling out the tickets required to have a successful conference. :wink:

Great job on the podcast!
I think that the way you guys record and include the “side talk” is great and really provides listeners/users with a sense of the personality that drives Realmac. As a previous Apple employees I can say from experience that having that personal connection to a product or company will create some very loyal customers.

Oh, and thank you for answering my “ridiculous” questions. :smile: I know know they may seem silly, but they do seem to lead to some pretty interesting/amusing conversations. Plus they add a good 10-15 minutes to the show length and there is some logic behind asking those kinds of questions. :wink:

Cheers to team Realmac!

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Thanks so much Brandon, it’s appreciated.
Maybe we’ll start a new segment on the show where I look into my crystal ball and predict the future…

Oh, and do keep the questions coming :grinning:

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!



So after reading a comment in a forum It has come to my attention that this video may require a bit more of an explanation.

  1. This took no more than 10 minutes to put together using iMovie on my iPhone. I was able to do it while pushing a sleeping toddler around in a stroller.

The longest part was using a 3rd party app to throw together three profile pictures.

  1. This was my response to Dan’s option for what he would go back in time to do. I was quite taken aback by the response and decided that instead of writing a email I would have fun and make a short video. This was really intended to be less serious then it seems to have come across.

I was originally going to use a more light hearted theme but though the horror theme was more in alignment with the comment about not going back in time due to all that we have learned from time travel movies. I decided to go more towards The Butterfly Effect rather than Groundhog Day

I apologize if I missed the mark a bit. I’ll have to put my serious hat on when reviewing my post prior to publishing.

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@BrandonCorlett ignore the haters :wink: