RW keep freezing up in preview if 2 or more external on page

I just upgraded to stack4 so I am redoing my header and footer making it into an external to simplify updating it whenever needed across different projects that use same header and footer.

But it keep freezing up on me when I place both header and footer external in a new project and go to preview. I had to force close it every time.

Is there something I am doing wrong? It’s a RW new project with only a header and footer external dropped in it.

I was able to preview it without freezing by redoing the project and saved it. Then reopen the project and preview it but it will still freeze if I don’t save and close project first.

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I may have run into this same problem. I was doing a live preview of a site’s home page, and hit a link to go to another page in the browser. Both RapidWeaver and the browser froze. The was with RW 8.4 and Stacks 4. I went back to RW 8.3 and don’t see the problem.

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