Crash on Preview - RW 7.5.1

Hello All,

I am having a problem with two website projects…
• This is a fresh start for my old website (using 2 multitheme themes called Plan and XLabel)

•The one that is published is MultiTheme-Plan - My website is

The two project files are both of the same website, One site was a copy of the other, then I applied a different theme and saved with a new name (just to decide which theme I wanted to use)…

I am running RW 7.5.1 (Mac App Store version)
• When I launch either project, RW crashes as soon as I hit the preview button, Force quitting is all I can do
• I am able to upload changes no problem… I just can’t Preview
• Both project files are roughly the same size - 25-28MB
• I have been using RW since version 3 (I think…)
• I can provide log files or any thing else needed.

In all the years, I have never asked before but would it be possible for me to send my project file?

Thanks, for any help!


Hey Chris,

Does this issue still occur if you create a new project or just with existing projects? Send an email to support@realmacsoftware with as much specific information as possible per this doc:

Can you try switching to another page, then pressing Preview?

Hello Dan,

I just replied to Aarons email from my trouble ticket. I guess you are replying to my foum post. Below is what I sent to him

crashing/hanging on preview for me since upgrading

When the hang occurs I need to go to activity monitor and force quit in order to proceed.

Seems like this is related to the recent Stacks update whereby uninstalled stacks are labeled with links.

This seems to occur on projects that I’ve downloaded from another source (demo projects from BWD for example) that otherwise have stacks that I don’t have installed.

When I attempt to preview in any web browser it hangs and I need to force quit. This never happened until the recent upgrade to stacks 3.5 and RW 7.5.1

Thanks for the info devananda,

I’m still scratching my head. I heard from Dan and Aaron, answered some of their questions but I haven’t heard back yet…

Chris & Debbie Jones


Switching to another page does not help

Chris & Debbie Jones

7.5.2 beta should fix this issue — RapidWeaver 7.5.2 Beta 1 (18793b) - Fix for hang/crash on preview

In deed it did…

I have had a problem having to re-link ALL recourses a time or two but they seem to be staying in place now.

Any ideas? (Or new thread?)