Having A Rough Time

I just started a new site for a major client with an insanely tight timeline. I have RW 7.02, latest stacks and current them version - Rustic, by Elixir. About every other time that I make a change - remove a stack, change a color, etc. - then go to preview, RW freezes. I have to cancel, close and reopen RW. I haven’t had issues like this before. I even tried a different theme and found that any theme customization would not hold. It’s taken me forever just to set up two pages today. I wrote Adam thinking it may be the theme, he says no, that Preview is controlled by RW. Kind of need some answers urgently as I have no idea what’s causing this. Thank you!

Are you avoiding 7.0.4 for any specific reason? It might help to update unless there’s something holding you back

I wasn’t aware that there was an update, didn’t get any notice

Strange. If you don’t get the notice via RW’s ‘Check For Updates’ button, you can go here and download it manually: https://www.realmacsoftware.com/rapidweaver/releasenotes/

Just did it - fingers crossed!!! thank you

Good luck! A full restart of the Mac couldn’t hurt after you update but that may be more superstition on my part than sound advice

Sadly that didn’t do it, even with a fresh start from shut down. Very unstable, even a simple margin change will freeze it when switching to Preview. I’ll email RW support again.

You could try the RW 7.1 beta here