RW Project Files saving as Folders - Mac OS High Sierra

Hi, this is my first post. I like many others have been baffled as to why my RW Project files have been appearing as folders albeit with the RW icon. I followed suggestions of using OnyX to rebuild the LaunchServices without success although this had worked in the past.
The Answer: was to go to the user Library>PreferencePanes where I found ‘Perian.prefPane’ Press the button Uninstall and restart… Job done. I hope this may help others experiencing this problem.

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I checked the developer’s site. Perian’s last official update was for Mac OS X 10.4 Yikes that’s old! :scream:

I guess the moral of this story is a good lesson for everyone: Remember to always do some general housekeeping when you update your system. Look for things that you no longer use and remove/disable them when you can. Your system will run more smoothly and be much happier. :smiley:


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