RW Theme and/or Plugin for selling video courses?

Hi there,
I have a video-based course I’d like to set up and sell from my RW site.
I currently have another one which is through the very expensive Thinkific platform (like Udemy/Teachable) and it’s integrated with my (very slow and annoying!) Wordpress site.

I’d like to create similar but on my RW site now as it’s for a different audience, different currency too and different language and want it all on my RW site.
Any suggestions on the best RW themes or plugins this will work?

I want to be able for students to have a Login, then have access to each video module weekly. And pay - all on the RW site.

Love to know your thoughts!
Thank you!
~ Jenny

Site I’d like to do this for is:
FYI: Other site that’s on the Thinkific platform is:

My first idea would be SiteLok by @vibralogix and the SiteLok Stack by @joeworkman.
This enables you to create member sites and get payments & subscriptions.

SiteLok: Buy Membership Software and Systems Online UK | Vibralogix
SiteLok Stack: Sitelok Stack for RapidWeaver

You need the Stacks Plugin, but according to your site, you own it already.


Hi there!
Great. Thank you!!
I’ll check it out. Seems it will require a bit of work from my end, but worth it in the end and save me $.


It’s defo a bit of work, but it’s worth.

Cheers from the Costa del Sol,

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Thanks Heiko from Costa del Sol. :blush:

What other changes would you suggest?
I’ve had one user give me great feedback - that my site needs major make-over. Very messy, very un-user friendly.
Any tips on which themes best would work (nice and clean and minimalist) with Sitelok and Sitelok stack?


Hi Jennyp,
I had the same problem and I solve it with Sitelok.
You can work with sitelock stack or without. I do it without and works very well.
At the moment I did’t publish the result, waiting for the release it.
I tried four different solution, but no one works so well like Sitelok.
In RW there is not plugin like in wordpress that it do it all alone.
Best regards,

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