RW re-publishing all files

Having just selected ‘publish’, RW is now re-publishing all files each time, something which takes several hours as there are about 4000.
A little frustrating when I just want to adjust an image or typo. Any suggestions? Thanks :slight_smile:

Some plugins - WeaverPix for example - require you re-publish everything even after removing a comma, but I think if you search the forum you’ll find others have come across this issue and - hopefully for you - found a solution.

You should at least be able to right click on the page where you’ve made the change and choose ‘Publish Page’. See if that helps a bit?

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Thanks Robbeattie. I’ve had this issue before, but it just seems completely erratic & not linked to anything I’m doing/not doing. (I’m using stacks.)
It’s the first time I’ve used the forum, & I had no luck searching for the same issue even though I’m sure it must be right there; I can’t be the only one who’s had this problem!
Thanks for the ‘publish page’ tip…but when I ctrl click the page I just get the options 'icon & text/icon only/text only.

Right click on the page list on the left and you should see this.


Til the overall problem’s fixed, this is a reallyreally helpful workaround.
Thanks so much robbeattie! :smiley:

If you search the forum with ‘re-publishing all files’ or ‘publishing all files’ or similar phrases you will find many posts about this.

Thanks David, I did find a few posts from a couple of years ago on it, but they seemed to be linked to a RW update long past, with the only suggestion being to revert to an earlier version or choose republish all files to clear it up. I’ll try that soon but with a slow connection here in the country it takes all day!

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