All pages republishing with any change


Starting two days ago, any small change to one page results in my whole site republishing. I have not changed any settings, smart publishing is enabled.

This is a major hassle with a slow internet connection. Has anyone else had this problem? Any idea what to do about it?



The recent 6.3.5 SW upgrade seems to have re-introduced this issue for many of us. Revert back to 6.3.4 if you can.

thanks for the tip. Good to know I am not the only one!

Actually, for me, any small change on any one page results in all pages marked as changed.

This has been true throughout all versions of RW6.

Even though I upload files via FTP rather than the program, it is really mysterious, and kind of aggravating.

@sarinanatkin, @ColdCase & @Butternut

I am wondering what your site settings in “Advanced” are for “File links are:”.

I encounter no issues with said version with site set for “Relative to DOCROOT”, some stacks don’t work unless this is set accordingly. For instance, I try to build using Relative to Website Address and several stacks do not display correctly on published page. Don’t know if it is RW related or stack related, don’t really care as I found a work-a-round for now.

I am also wondering if you have referenced server based resources within your page (i.e.: warehoused images), maybe one of those is getting changed and is used on each page that would force a 'Page Change" flag?

Are you using any sort of SSI (Server Side Includes) on every page that may be forcing a “Page Change” flag?

No expert so ymmv :slight_smile:



Wondering where the Advanced settings are that you are referring to. The only “advanced” thing that I am able to see is in Preferences, and does not offer anything resembling “file links are”.

As to your other questions, nope.

Hope that helps…


I think the OP said it was working fine until a few days ago, so it shouldn’t be a settings thing unless the 6.5.5 update changed the way they were handled. The 6.5.3 update contained a bug where the software ignored the “changed flag” and just republished everything regardless. Many of us were affected by that bug which was corrected in 6.5.4.

Now Butternuts thing may be something different. These settings work fine for me, but I use the built in site publishing function.

What’s interesting is that not all pages are marked that they are changed. For example, I edit a blog post and the blog page is the only one marked as changed, but then it publishes all pages anyway.

My settings seem to be correct, and I had not changed any settings, so it seems like a bug.

Thanks for the ideas.

Hi everyone,

I’m looking into this but can’t reproduce this. Please could you use the File menu - Re-Publish All Files option, and see if that clears things up?

If you’ve got a project we can take a look at that still reproduces this after re-uploading all files once, please send us a copy -

We’re going to be preparing a 6.3.6 update in the next few weeks, and if there’s something we can do to improve this we’d love to get it fixed in time for this update!



Hi Nik. I have a small index project with one gallery type page.

With 6.3.4 I make a minor change (add a character to some text) and publish, three or four files get published.

With 6.3.5, I make a minor change and 71 files are published

I Re-publish all files and 453 files get republished. I save, make a minor change and 71 files get published.

I open the project in 6.3.4, make the minor change, three files are republished

I’ll try to email the project this afternoon.

BTW I have a large blog project that is worse, but a couple other small index type projects that seem to be OK. It may not be that every page/project has issues.

I have a slightly similar problem, but do not know the cause, so I am not sure if this thread is the right place. I am using RW 6.3.5, and when I publish it is publishing all files. Here is the difference:

When I do a test connection it tell me “Test Connection Successful. The credentials entered appear to be valid. Be sure to test again if you change any of the settings.”

However…When I publish, it publishes all files and when it gets almost to the end it errors out and says: “Couldn’t upload to your FTP server: Couldn’t connect to server”

I have checked with my hosting company (Little Oak) and everything on their end is fine. When I go to my site, the changes I made do appear to have uploaded, even though it tells me it did not publish. Very frustrating when trying to only update my blog. Any ideas, and am I in the right place?

Does it appear that the files always being uploaded are generated by the blog plugin?

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I dunno, how can I tell? I don’t think the gallery project I mentioned above uses a blog plugin.

In my case, it does seem to be a problem with the blog. I am not using any add on features, just the RW blog page. It seems to be publishing all blog files no matter what I update.

I am having the same issue. If I hyperlink a word it uploads the whole site instead of the small change I made.

I am having the same problem with RW 5.4.1. It uploads ALL my pages every time I “Publish” changes to just 1 or 2 edited pages or newly added pages. Most of the “blue dots” by the pages remain even after publishing. All my settings are correct as described above, Smart Publishing etc. Any workarounds or fixes welcome.