RW Theme Updating Weirdness

@dan @tpbradley Can either of you look at this thread and let me know what could be causing RW theme updater to install multiple instances of the theme? If one user has this issue, I am sure others do as well without even knowing it.

I’ve not looked into this yet, but my gut feeling is that this is not an RW issue. I wonder if the sparkle feed pulled down a separate version at some point due to a malformed sparkle feed… or something similar to that… that would be my off the top of the head theory…


Why would this not affect everyone though?

I read through the thread. It sounds like a Stacks or Foundation issue, perhaps the sparkle update feed is malformed… Or perhaps it’s an issue with people storing add-ons on a cloud service. I really don’t think this is an RW issue.

It’s odd it only seems to be Foundation (unless I’m wrong?) that is affected, this is what makes me think it’s something to do with the update feed…

However, further investigation is required! If you can find a way to reliably reproduce the issue that would be perfect. We could then run some tests here for you and see exactly what’s happening.

Hope that kinda helps.


Did you look at this screenshot that he posted…

How could that happen?

Okay, here’s some questions for you:

  1. Where is he storing those themes… is it on some kind of cloud drive? It could be some third party software causing issues (iCloud/Dropbox/etc)?

  2. Is this exact same thing happening to other people?

  3. Can it be other numbers, apart from 7’s?

  4. Does this happen to any other themes, or is it just affecting Foundation?!

  5. When did this start happening?

I’m also wondering if it could be a permissions issue on their Mac, but it’s hard to tell…


I asked him that several times. He said that its on an external drive but did not mention if its on a sync with any services.

Not that I am aware of.

No clue

You know what I know… that screenshot.

He claims that it’s only with Foundation 6. But I am not sure if any other theme that he has installed supports updating or has ever received an update.

My Foundation 6 theme is free to download if you want to look… Foundation Theme (latest version)

Here is an older version of the theme if you want to test the update.

Hey @joeworkman

I’m not sure if this is related but when examining the info.plist file I can see a bunch of url encoded characters in your SUFeedURL. Wondering if it’s causing a problem under certain circumstances.

Interesting idea. I will see if I modify my build scripts to stop that. Although I don’t see it being a cause. As he is definitely getting the appcast to resolve. The Theme package is simply getting renamed somehow as if there were duplicates.

Yeah, I’ve just been able to replicate it here!..

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Looks to be an iCloud Drive problem. If I set my addons folder to somewhere on iCloud Drive, copy in the old theme file, then run the RW updater it creates a duplicate.

Then I moved the addons folder to my desktop (iCloud desktop / documents is disabled) and repeat the process the update works perfectly.

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