RW V8.5.1 does not upload resource until restart

@dan, @Aaron I stumbled across some odd publishing behavior with RW V8.5.1:

For some internal testing I duplicated an existing project using “Save As …” and gave it a different name. Since I wanted to upload the website to a different server, I changed the URL to a subdomain on the new server, and adapted the publishing parameters accordingly.

The site was uploading without any hitch, but didn’t display a bunch of images, that I had saved in the resources folder. However, the resources have been properly duplicated, hence RW shows the images correctly in the preview, but not on the uploaded site. Checking the site with the web inspector showed 404’s when images were linked to the resources folder in the subdomain. Checking on the server directly revealed that the resources folder didn’t exist, whereas all the other pages and folders were correctly uploaded.

Long story short, the resources folder didn’t upload in this peculiar situation (I presume, with a duplicated project ?). Republishing all files had no effect. However, when closing RW, restarting and re-publishing all files, then the resources folder was pushed to the server finally.

If it is a bug, I hope the description is detailed enough to reproduce it, Cheers

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