RW5 and Sierra upgrade

Hi, I’m having problems with RW5 since upgrading to Sierra. A while ago I used Rapidweaver 5.3.2 and Qube to create my website. I recently upgraded my Mac system to Sierra, and seem to have lost all the work I did to turn Qube into my website (text is still there, but colours etc are not). Somehow it also doesn’t seem possible to access the back up I have in Timemachine. Is this a compatibility problem? If anyone reading this know what the cause is, I’d really appreciate your help. And is there a solution, so that I don’t have to starting from scratch with building the website again? Thank you for your help.

Hi, Lena,

Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer for you, but I would like to suggest something, if I may.

The trouble with outdated applications is not only compatibility with newer systems and other components, but also the fact, that most people already forgot how they used to deal with those older versions and therefore they tend to not get involved in topics like yours. That’s why you did not receive any advise so far and that’s why I am boring you with this post.

From my experience – it’s easier to use latest version of an app on outdated OS than the other way around. The reason is, latest versions of apps are optimized for the latest OS as well as for previous ones, whereas old applications are only optimized for an older OS.

So, try to always keep your RW and all addons up-to-date.

Anybody else has some more specific advise for Lena? :bulb:

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That’s really helpful, particularly for someone as lacking in technical skill as myself. Much appreciated.

It might be worth a try to update RW5 to the last updated version which is 5.4.1 which you can download here:

What is the problem you’re having with getting the project file from Timemachine?

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I was going to mention, as Thang did, that there’s a newer version of RW 5. Also, noticed a post from earlier that RW5 does indeed work with Sierra so hopefully you can scratch ‘compatibility’ off your troubleshooting list

Hi, Thank you to both for your replies. I’ll try upgrading to RW5.4.1. It might be that the problem lies in Sierra reading the older version of Rapidweaver or the third party theme I used, so I’ll look into how to upgrade this too. Hopefully that will resolve the difficulty with accessing the back-up version too.

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