Can't save RW6 or 7 projects after updating OSX 1014.4

After updating to OSX 10.14.4 I can’t save a RW6 or 7 project. All I see is a spinning ball and must Force Quit to exit the project. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

I could be mistaken, but my impression was that only RapidWeaver 8 was Mojave compatible. Is that right @Aaron?

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I haven’t noticed any problems with RW 5 files yet (yes 5) but if this does happen, what is the procedure to fix? I build in RW8 now but have older sites in RW5.

RW5 works fine for me on Mojave as well. But not sure how much longer. I wasn’t aware that only RW8 was compatible with Mojave.

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It turns out it was a corrupted file. Using Time machine, resurrected an older version and it works fine. It might be a sign of things to come using older versions of Rapidweaver.
Thanks everyone

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