Is RW5 fully fucntional on macOS Sierra?


My production machine is running RW5 with several plugins which are all working fine on OSX 10.11 El Cap.

I’m considering updating the OS to macOS Sierra, but I wanted to know if anyone else has RW5 running on Sierra, in case there have been any compatibility issues?

As mentioned it’s a production machine and I can’t afford for it not to work.

As far as I can tell, the plugins are only concerend with which version of RW you are running and are OS agnostic, but if anyone knows any better please shout.


I can’t speak for RapidWeaver, but I can speak for most of the plugins available for RapidWeaver.

All of our plugins have been updated to work on Sierra – and quite a few did have some tweaks that needed to be made – but most of those probably won’t work with RapidWeaver 5.

You’re mixing tech from widely different time periods.

Sierra (and the plugins that work on it) have been released just recently. RapidWeaver 5 was released in 2010 (with bug fixes up through 2014 or so).

I think there’s some possibility things will work, but I think there’s equal possibility that it won’t. I always recommend to run software and systems of the same era. So if you’re going to use RW5 – I’d stick with Mac OS 10.9 and Stacks 2. If you’re going to run Sierra, I’d strongly encourage you to update to RW 6 or 7.