RW6 Has One Drawback


RW6 has one drawback for me.

Why doesn’t RW 6 permit me to use my localhost URL address for my Stacks Player?

Instead, RW 6 requires me to purchase a webhost.

RW 6 allows me to preview everything except my videos. Even Dreamweaver users are able to use their localhost URL.

Is it possible to enable this facility in an update?


What are you using for Server software?

Have you tried using the IP address instead of LocalHost?

Have you tried MAMP or OSX Server?

What do you have the 'Relative to" field set to in Site Settings? Try anything but DOCROOT lol, seems problematic for some stacks.

Hope that gives you some direction. I don’t do this as I have a remote testing server that I connect to (Not enough Drive space remaining for a local server lol)


Which stack are you using?


I am using the Stack Player