RW 8 Web Server on mobile?

In RW 8 Advanced>Web Server Port settings how can I get the “Currently Running” local server to load on a mobile device?

When clicking it on the computer it loads fine but if I enter the same server address on my phone it does not load.

Apple has locked down this diwn so that it does not accept external requests. Drives my nuts. I have not dug into how it could be fixed. Sucks because I am the one to push Realmac for the custom port feature for the very reason if accessing it from mobile devices.

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Wasn’t able to check the internal virtual hosts settings for the PHP server RW is starting.

It will still work with using MAMP. Of course you have to export your project to a local folder and let MAMP use that instead of using the preview server / port, at least a workaround.

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