RW6 will not quit? Help

I am using RW6 with HIVE theme, PayLppm3 Pro Mac OS 10-11-3 nothing else.

After I’m ready to close out of my session with rapid Weaver 6 when I hit quit it spins and spins and spins does not shut down. So I have to force quit to close out the program. After having this happen several times in the last two days, I’ve learned to save my project before having to do this. Apparently when I read launch the program all is still there. What’s with this and clue on how to fix this?


Did you do a Restart on your Mac to see if that resolves?

Did you do the delta upgrade from 6.3.7 to 6.3.8 (RapidWeaver -> Check for updates)? if yes, download the full version and reinstall should fix you up.



Just a thought - and I could be wrong: are you by any chance running RW from a directory other than /Applications… it looks, tiny print though it is, and a little unclear to my weak eyes, as though the crash is occurring for a version of RW (still) in your Downloads folder. Good luck!


I downloaded the current version of that I’m on now two Sundays ago. Have not checked for updates since I’ve done so. But I will check for updates the next time I launch which will be soon this evening. I will report back if I’m successful or need further assistance. Once again thank you for taking the time out to answer my question, I appreciate it so much. I love the new RW.

Thank you so much for asking the question you did. I’ve been so confuse with what is going on with when I created a new version of our RW6. I’ve been launching into my only RW6 page using the icon on the left. When I first made the upgrade it produce the icon on the right. I never launch from there for fear that it wasn’t correct. So now am I launching from the correct icon and if not will it hurt anything by launching from the purplish icon. The date were changed when I first started to use RW6. The content should be the same in both I would imagine but I have been only launching from the one on the left…

Just checked and I am up-to-date with RW six. I know my theme HIVE needs updated. And I will do that now.

It would not quit last night. So when I launch this afternoon, it did the same thing. So we’ll see if it does the same thing once I update my theme HIVE . Any more input after you read everything I post it here just recently?


@MarkSealey is correct, it looks like your is still in the Downloads folder, move it to the Applications folder and restart your mac then try launching RapidWeaver.

You’re currently launching from a project file, which is OK, but only when the app is in the Applications folder…



Regardless of version, RW should always be located in, and launched from, /Applications. Make sure you have no other copies of RW on your hard drive(s). Any project files you have will then launch the correct version. Let’s hope that stops the trouble you’ve been having :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your response.

The thing that always baffled me for the last two weeks is why rapid Weaver never went into the applications folder. And I just continued working with it since it put it on the desktop as you saw in this post.

I figured it would automatically send it to the applications folder. So if I understand you correctly, I am to go to the downloads folder on my Mac and then take that file and put it in the applications folder and then launch my rapid Weaver after restarting the computer from that icon on the left-hand side that I posted correct.

My hard drive still has RW5 on it and do I need to just remove that from the hard drive as well and put it on my backup file on my back up hard drive?

My computers been having trouble starting up so I’ve let it rest for the last hour and cool down and hopefully it’ll start up fine when I get back to it once it’s cooled down. I’m writing from my iPod touch.

Thanks again.

Update, I’d move the downloads folder into the application folder and it successfully was placed there. I also restarted the computer and also did a command, option, PR and that seemed to fix my computer from being confusing the start up mode.

I’ve run out of time tonight for this to see if RW6 will now start up properly from the icon that I had on the left. And that’s the one I’ll be using from now on if that is correct.

I called Apple in regards to the start up issue and they felt that because my program was heavily used it was confusing the computer in the start up looking for that program which should have been in the applications folder. So I think all should be better from this point on. I will report in tomorrow how things go positively or negatively. But I believe things are going to be really good tomorrow. Thank you all for any help.

A post script, is it best to open up our RW6 from the applications folder or from the icon that I posted on this page on my desktop or does it matter?


Reading between the lines, it sounds as though there may be other things going on with your computer. I’d suggest - as you have wisely begun, I think - getting Apple to talk you through some basic steps and maybe asking your local Genius Bar to take a look at the disposition of files on your computer… could it be that one or two other concepts are not quite clear to you: for example, don’t move the Downloads folder. Just the RW application?

In general the file which is created by an Apple application - such as a RW project file - will launch its ‘parent’ software.

Yes, that’s a good way to start RW whenever you want to work on a single project; many RW users launch RW itself from the Applications folder when, say, they want to start a new project. That’s a reliable way for you too to proceed.

BTW if you do also have RW 5, you’ll need to follow the conversion workflows to get RW’s add-ons and Stacks etc in the right place.

You may want to consider a refresher on some of the basics before building a RW site that you need to rely on. It will all become clear. Good luck!

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